Badass writers are hard to find for a tech blog. Sometimes, you find someone who is a good writer, but they don’t know the technical issues. At other times, you find someone who knows the issues, but their written English does not pass muster.

The Rise of the Empire of Mobility

From days of long ago came a legend, the legend of Mister Mobility, a mobile phone enthusiast who started a blog called Mobility Nigeria. That website was later to grow into two, namely – for mobile reviews, comparisons, and analysis, and – for latest news and info about mobile products in Nigeria. Today, … Read more

I am looking for an Executive Assistant

If you do not like the 9-5 life but have good communication skills and can work without supervision, Mister Mobility needs an Executive Assistant.

10 Random Facts About Mister Mobility

Life is more than work. I firmly believe that. While I am extremely proud of my work, I am not my job or work. My work is only a section of my life. Here are a few random facts about me that you probably do not know. One: I love to tinker. As a child, … Read more

It is time for the next generation of bloggers in Nigeria to push new boundaries

As a first generation blogger in Nigeria, and one of the very earliest, it is safe for me to say that the next generation of bloggers are here. If you are asking why, come along. I’ve got you. Towards the end of 2004. I published my first blog post – at least the first that … Read more

For sustainable business growth to happen, you must give way

Sustainable business growth here is used to refer to a state in which your business is free to largely run without the intervention of the founder and so grow apart from him. It is interesting that one of the hallmarks of progress as a business grows is that the founder/top official gets less involved and … Read more

Do You Want To Grow Your Website Or Do You Want To Be Cool?

I shall ask that question again: Do you really want to grow your website or are you trying to have the coolest website on the block? This article is inspired by my experiences visiting a number of websites over time and finding the introduction and the entire homepage so vague and ambiguous that I am … Read more