Matching Colours Tastefully

I have always had my own distinct dress sense, though I did not give it expression for a while. As a teenager living in Onike in Lagos, a stone’s throw from the University of Lagos, I was designing some of my own clothing to wear. I’d draw up the design, purchase the materials, and hand everything over to my trusty tailor and he would do justice to it.

As such, I ended up with a small collection of attires that no-one else had. The designs were uniquely mine. I have started doing a bit of that again after about two decades in the cooler.

One of the things I love to do with my dressing is match colours. These days, I mostly wear shorts. I do wear other items, as the occasion demands but shorts are my default now. Shorts with any and everything.

Also, I used to dance around with traditional “male colours” – black, blue, brown. These were safe colours. I used to stay away from red and bright colours in general. But I am finding myself excited about them now, and I am being more adventurous with some of that bright and warm energy in my clothing.

And so, you will find me dressed like this:

Wine and red in a t-shirt and tribal prints shorts.

And like this:

Lilac and pink in t-shirt and tribal print shorts.

I even have green attires now. Don’t ask me why I never liked green. It just didn’t appeal to me for a long time. I should play around with yellow soon, and I don’t doubt that I will pull it off nicely.

Oh, and I always try to match my beaded bracelets (my favourite accessories) with whatever colours I wear, as well. But you noticed that already; didn’t you? It isn’t always possible to match colours completely from top to bottom, but I do pull off some eye-catching combinations, even if I say so myself.

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