Mixing or Layering Perfumes: My Top Fragrances

Mixing or layering perfumes involves wearing two or more fragrances to create a new scent. This can be done by mixing scents or wearing different fragrances on different areas of the body.

According to Byrdie, the benefits of perfume layering include creating a unique, personalized scent, making a fragrance last longer, and being able to customize a scent for different occasions or moods. Additionally, Glamour Magazine UK notes that perfume layering allows individuals to be more individual and create a signature scent that is exclusive to them.

Mixing or Layering Perfumes

My Best Tips for Layering Perfumes

According to various sources, here are some tips for layering perfumes:

  • Start with something subtle if you’re unsure about layering two scents together. Pair two or more fragrances that are naturally lighter, less intense and perhaps a little bit fresher. This is a great way to ease yourself in if you don’t want to go too bold or make too much of a statement straight away. (source: Escentual)
  • Stay within similar fragrance families such as floral, warm and sweet gourmand, fresh, and citrus notes. Although scents like vanilla, musk, and most citrus scents layer and blend beautifully. (source: Huda Beauty)
  • Layer fragrances with similar base notes or ingredients. For example, if you have a vanilla-based perfume, you can layer it with a fragrance that also has vanilla notes. (source: Byrdie). But you might be more adventurous and layer fragrances with starkly different base notes to see what you can come up with.
  • Apply fragrances to different areas of the body. Apply one fragrance to pulse points and another to the hair or clothing. (source: Mind Body Green)
  • Use a fragrance layering chart to get an idea of the best perfume layering combinations and the versatility of different fragrance families. (source: Beautinow)

Remember, fragrance layering is a personal preference and what works for one person may not work for another. The idea is for you to come up with something that you like and feel confident wearing, so experiment.

Get a Perfume Atomizer

Perfume atomizers

If you are going to be mixing or Layering perfumes, it is a good idea to get a perfume atomizer. It is a small refillable container and a convenient way of carrying your fragrances around with you.

You might need more than one if you love to multiple mixes, so you can use one per mix. If you choose to get multiple atomizers, get them in different colours, so you can use color to determine which of your perfume layers each one carries.

My Top Fragrances

Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford is by far my favourite perfume. I absolutely love that sensual, yet sophisticated refined leather scent that it carries. Wearing this fragrance when I have a pair of leather boots on is what I describe as owning every environment i step into. Other perfumes that I have worn and mixed include:

  • Calvin Klein Man
  • Beverly Hills Polo Club Sexy
  • Zara Man
  • Active Man by Chris Adam

Men’s Perfumes On My Bucket List

Fahrenheit by Dior. This fragrance mixes the main scents of leather and violet. Leather is my favourite scent to wear. As such, you can imagine the attraction to Fahrenheit for me.

Hopefully, this article has given you an insight into the world of mixing perfumes. Do give it a try and let me know how it goes.