Yomi Adegboye aka Mister Mobility aka Mobility Daddy, GenXer living adventurously • Storyteller • Web developer • Award-winning content creator • YouTuber • Founder, The Mobility Blogs

Web Developer • Storyteller • Copywriter • Mobile connoisseur • Award-winning content creator • YouTuber • Founder, The Mobility Blogs

Web Developer

After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and a Master’s degree in Architecture & Design in 1998, I pivoted into the digital technology space and devoted myself to learning HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and WML (Wireless Markup Language) – the basic tools for developing websites and WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) sites, respectively, back in the early 2000s. WAP was the precursor of the modern mobile Web.

Because my primary interests were mobile devices and mobile-friendly websites, and at the time, WAP browsers were the standard on mobile phones, I created my first blog, a WAP site, in late 2001, hand-coding each page in WML. With the advent of more modern mobile browsers and Content Management Systems (CMS), I began blogging on more user-friendly platforms from 2004, eventually settling with WordPress, which now powers all my sites and the sites that we develop and manage for clients around the world.

Pioneer Web Host

In 2003, I started one of Nigeria’s pioneer Web hosts. The hosting service was acquired by Web4Africa years later.

Pioneer Tech Blogger and Content Creator

I began to review tech products in 2004 and I have personally owned hundreds of mobile devices, and reviewed even more.

I started Mobility Nigeria in 2008. It was through my work at Mobility Nigeria that I came to be called Mister Mobility. I was the first tech reviewer in Nigeria to be partnered with by a mobile brand, when Nokia reached out to me in November 2010 with their latest flagship device. Many more phone brands have reached out since then.

In 2014, I started MobilityArena. I currently own seven (7) content websites covering a spectrum of niches. My portfolio of content sites might grow further, as I am continually exploring possibilities and investing in more content platforms. Or I might shut some down and try something new. The spirit of adventure in me is strong. I also had a stint as Managing Director of CPAfrica from 2015 to 2020.

The Content Marketing God

My career in tech and digital content has spanned over 20 years now, and my team and I have done various forms of digital marketing with some of the most high profile brands you can find, including: Nokia West Africa, BlackBerry, Pliris Mobile, Orbra, Microsoft Nigeria, Ntel, MTN, Etisalat (now 9mobile), GTBank, TECNO, Infinix, Nestle Africa, OPPO, Cowrywise, Huion, Unihertz, AGM, and Edifier, among others. Some in the industry have called me the content marketing god. I recommend that you believe them. E get why.

Speaking, Teaching, Training

Speaking, teaching and training are also activities I am adept at and have had the opportunity to be involved with extensively. I have facilitated sessions by DomainStandard Networks, Datlex, Dragnet, MobiFEST, West Africa Telecom Summit, Enactus Nigeria Innovation Summit, Africa Re, GH Schools, and Rotary Club of Gbagada, among others.

A Few Awards

I am a four-time YTech100 award winner (2014, 2015, 2016, and 2019), honoured by The Future Awards as one of the 100 most innovative people in Nigeria’s Digital Tech/Media Eco-system each of those years. I have been nominated for a few other awards. I don’t think I am a youth anymore, so…

Outside Of Work

I have sat on the advisory boards of a few non-profit organizations, and I chair the board of one private company. When I am not working, you will likely find me dancing, seeing a movie, sitting quietly at a park, or on a road trip to somewhere in the countryside – sometimes as far as 800 kilometres across the country.

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If you need a new website, or need to have issues on your existing website fixed, buzz my team; you will be in the safest hands available.

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While I generally shied away from video content for some years, I am finally now playing around with it (and having fun while at it, too). Visit my YouTube channel @mistermobility.

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