Why every woman should make her own money

“I want to use my money to scatter your brain”, said the man to the woman.

Dear lady, make your own money, so a man doesn’t think this is valid toasting. It is drivel.

If you earn your keep and the kind of man who says the above meets you, what does he say to you then?

When you make your own money, it is easier to recognise a man that brings real value to the table. You are not hungry and desperate to be spent on.

You take care of yourself, so you are not looking for a philanthropist or benefactor.

What you’d be looking for in a man would be things like respect, kindness, thoughtfulness, wisdom, and absolutely fabulous romps with toe-curling orgasms. You win.

PS: Men, you sef stop falling hand with this tactless line and all its variations. Come and beat me if you want. I am in my wife’s house.