Why you should join Mister Mobility’s Content Publisher Support Group

I will make this brief. I am often contacted by content website owners to help solve the problem of traffic and revenue. In my experience, short-term interventions have not yielded significant fruit. I get paid a fee to look at the site and recommend what needs to be done. Once I make my recommendation, I move on.

9 out of 10 times, such content websites do not record any serious growth. Sometimes, they record no growth at all. As such, I have stopped carrying out short-term interventions, well, unless the client insists. Who am I to refuse awoof money?

But in the instances where my interventions are more long-term and involve overseeing the implementation of my recommendations, the blogs and websites in question grow.

Let me put it this way: having someone to hold your hand in strategizing about your website and holding you accountable to executing strategies gives your content website a much stronger chance at success than bringing in a consultant short-term. So, I created a closed Telegram Group to provide this hand-holding and teaching.

Two things are required on your part:

  1. a commitment to unlearn and learn
  2. a commitment to follow through i.e. to be diligent, and carry out group goals and activities

What happens in the Telegram group is that on a monthly basis, we have a group question and answer session during which I share practical, helpful information with members. I also set monthly tasks that everyone is obligated to execute.

For example, I may share on practical steps to implement better SEO, and then give an assignment for every member to spend time modifying 1 blog post daily for better SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), so that by month end, 30 of their blog’s posts are much better and seeing better traffic.

In addition, each member gets to book and have a one-on-one session with me each month.

In summary, this is what you get:

  1. a one-on-one session with me each month, via voice, video, or chat (1 hour only). PS: You are responsible for booking your private session each month. Any unbooked sesion in a month is forfeited.
  2. a question and answer session in the general Group on Telegram each month (max of 2 hours)
  3. a practical class assignment given at the end of each month’s question and answer session: this involves a given task you must execute on your website for a month.

Why Should You Join?

I have managed a handful of content websites in the last 17 years, some of them more successsful than others. The list includes GoSmartMobile, Mobility Arena, House Of Mo, Celebrating Progress Africa, and Mobility Nigeria, among others. In all those years, I have had varying experiences and results with these platforms and have learned what works and what does not.

Joining my Content Publisher Support Group gives you personal access to my wealth of knowledge and experience. The group session tasks also leverage the power of accountability and group pressure to keep members on their toes in the quest for success as digital publishers. There is power when a group of people are bound in common goals.

This is a highly flexible service. You learn at your own pace. The one-on-one sessions let you focus only on the issues that are important to you. Every website is at a differemt stage of growth and has different needs per time afterall.

Who Should Join?

Anyone who runs or manages a content website – a blog, an online magazine, a news website, etc. Anyone who plans to start or manage a content website.

What Does It Cost?

The standard fee to join this closed training group for content website owners and managers is ₦20,000 per month. However, I am offering it at a discounted fee of ₦15,000 monthly for the first year for the first 10 people who join. Yes; early birds get the best worms. After the first 10 subscribers, others pay the standard fee. The subscription fee is pre-paid.

A monthly fee means you can opt out at anytime you want – when your goals are achieved, when you need to take a break from work, or when you are tired of hearing the rubbish I have to share – by simply not paying up the following month.

Imagine how much growth your content website will experience in a full year. The ball is in your court. To kick off your membership, you can pay via bank transfer to the following account:

  • Account Number: 9520555940
  • Bank Name: One Finance

Email your transaction receipt and your telephone number to: yomiadegboye AT gmail.com.

Your payment will be acknowledged by email within 24 hours. Service setup details will be included in the mail.

I look forward to having you.