Your Content Website’s Target Audience Location and Traffic Source Are Important (Monetization)

Your Content Website’s Target Audience Location and Traffic Source Are Important (Monetization)

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One of the world’s top ad partners turned us down in 2020 when we applied to sign up my biggest website with them for monetization. We had the traffic and content quality, and I was sure they would sign us up. But they didn’t. Why? Here is what they said in their feedback:

During the evaluation process we determined that you have a large amount of traffic coming from NigeriaTraffic in some parts of the world monetizes at a much lower rate than others, and in looking at the breakdown of your readership and countries of origin, that is the case here. The low competition between partners, and low CPM’s for each ad space would pull down overall earnings and RPM, and we would not be able to do our best for you. 

The summary of the above feedback is that website monetization for a website with a large amount of traffic from Nigeria will not yield the best results – for the ad partner or for you. And the ad partner was not willing to invest in such a scenario. It sucked, but I understood it. That reply was a massive magnification of something I had known for a long time – that the location of your website’s readers matters in terms of how much income you can generate.

When I started blogging about mobile devices in the early 2000s, it was out of passion and a desire to share useful information with Nigerians about the new GSM technology that was being introduced. Of course, it meant that almost all my content was Nigeria-specific. And almost all the traffic I got was from Nigeria. It fulfilled my purpose. Blogging was a hobby for me then, so the subject of monetization was not an issue.

My Audience Location and Traffic Source Didn’t Matter, Until It Did

Years later, I pivoted to blogging as a source of income and immediately came face-to-face with how poor revenue from certain countries – primarily mine – could be, compared to potential revenue from Europe, Asia and North America. Often, Nigerian traffic earns a fraction of what traffic from certain other countries earn – as bad as 0.5%, in some situations (I am not kidding). That is a nightmare scenario. You are churning out all that great content and earning a pittance from it, only because of the location of your audience.

We had a high-traffic, high-profile website that was the rave of everybody, but for all of that, our earnings were in the pits for many years. It was a big struggle. We couldn’t ditch our target audience. We had really good content that they found useful.

What we have done is, in addition to keeping our Nigeria-specific content websites running, we have invested more in niche websites targeted at more global traffic to improve our earnings. The results have been really good and keep getting better and better. Your website traffic source or location matters, if you are serious about making money from blogging or publishing any other kind of content website.

I am aware that many other bloggers and content creators in this part of the world struggle with website monetization and revenue. If you are one of those, I recommend my Content Website Guide. Check out the details on my homepage.


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