Every change you make to your website layout affects it, positively or negatively

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Every change you make to your website layout affects it, positively or negatively

September 13, 2020 Free Content 0

As a blog or content website owner, it is likely that you are obsessed with the layout and look of your website. Understandably so. I used to be too. Perhaps like I once was, you have been in the habit of seeing a theme that you like and quickly slapping it on your website. Then months later you see another cool theme and slap it on.

If you didn’t already know this, every change that you make to your website layout and design affects it – sometimes positively, and sometimes negatively. As a matter of fact, even without changing your site’s theme, if you do something as simple as move sections around, that is enough to have an effect on your site.

Make sure you know what you are doing before switching things up to avoid doing major damage to the metrics that matter – most especally your site’s unique users, pageviews, and bounce rate. What are the kind of effects that changing the design or layout of your website can trigger?

  1. It can trigger a drop (or rise) in search traffic. As a matter of fact, it almost always initially triggers a drop, as search engines re-analyze the new layout and then decide whether it deserves more eye-balls or less. After their decision is made, you will either see a drop or a rise in your search traffic.
  2. It can trigger dislike (or commendation) by your readers. Switching things around, changing yoru site’s colours, or even the theme completely will trigger responses from your readers. If the change makes your site more user friendly, you will end up in their good books. If not…..you might even lose some faithful readers.
  3. It can trigger performance issues. No kidding. That cool theme you want to implement may contain more elements that draw on more server resources. It may contain more/heavier javascript or images and slow down the loading of your webpages. Of course, it may contain less of those elements too and make your page load times shorter.

The above are some of the key impact that changing your website theme or layout has.

The lesson is not to never change the apprearance of your website. It is to do it with caution, with knowledge, and with a goal in mind. Don’t just use a new theme because it is new or it is cool.

One thing you should do, if you must make changes: before switching, save the old layout, just in case the results with the new one are less than pleasant. That way, you can switch back.