Badass writers are hard to find for a tech blog. Sometimes, you find someone who is a good writer, but they don’t know the technical issues. At other times, you find someone who knows the issues, but their written English does not pass muster.

It is time for the next generation of bloggers in Nigeria to push new boundaries

As a first generation blogger in Nigeria, and one of the very earliest, it is safe for me to say that the next generation of bloggers are here. If you are asking why, come along. I’ve got you. Towards the end of 2004. I published my first blog post – at least the first that … Read more

Blogging Tips: 2 Things You Shouldn’t Invest Too Much In

Blogging for Beginners: If starting a blog or a content website, or even already running one, you may think some things are important and spend a lot of time and energy on them. Having been blogging since as far back as 2004, I can tell you for sure that it isn’t worth it. Don’t. What … Read more

Mobility Arena crossed the 10,000-article mark

I was looking through MobilityArena’s backend this morning, when I noticed it. We had hit a milestone. We had published our 10,000th article earlier this week and somehow I had missed that till today. You read that right: TEN THOUSAND. Building a sustainable content website is a difficult task. I can tell you from experience … Read more

Why you should join Mister Mobility’s Content Publisher Support Group

I will make this brief. I am often contacted by content website owners to help solve the problem of traffic and revenue. In my experience, short-term interventions have not yielded significant fruit. I get paid a fee to look at the site and recommend what needs to be done. Once I make my recommendation, I … Read more

Doing The Barest Minimum

I recall how years ago, I used to write and publish between 6 and 8 blog posts per day on MobilityArena. It was a lot of work. I never did any copy-and-paste. I’d research a topic and then write, citing sources. I’d also write completely original articles from my personal experiences with devices and services. … Read more

So you want to blog for a living (a must read)

Despite all of the great-sounding articles about how to write a winning blog post in 20 minutes and how to write a great blog post in 5 steps, did you know that the average new blog has a lifespan of 3 to 6 months, after which, it pretty much becomes a graveyard? No surprise actually. … Read more

Be an original content creator; or hire one!

Blogs used to be fun. Back in the day, long before blogging became boring, you could read multiple blogs in a field and you would enjoy rich, original content on each of them. These days, many blogs have no originality: read one and you have read exactly what you will find on other blogs in … Read more

This is the worst mistake you can make running your personal blog

If you want to run a personal blog that generates organic traffic, gets noticed, and grows, do not make this mistake. When I started blogging a little over 15 years ago, the field was not fashionable yet. The thing about something becoming fashionable is that a lot of the meaning tends to get lost in … Read more