My name is Yomi Adegboye. Many people know me by the nickname “Mister Mobility” or “Mister Mo”. I tell great stories and create great content. I also help businesses work out ways to use storytelling, content marketing and digital technology to market and generate sales.I have been referred to as a grandmaster. I have also been called a genius. Others have used less flattering – but still admirable – words to describe my range and depth of skills. Words like “Brilliant” and “Excellent”.

I stand at the intersection of media communications and digital technology, marrying great skills in both areas to create a unique bundle of value for discerning clients. With over 16 years of experience to my belt, I have awards and accolades, and best of all, satisfied clients to show for it.

Storytelling & Content Marketing Course

If you run a small business or you are looking to learn how to craft compelling stories for digital marketing, this is for you. In early 2019, I started a free content creation class that recorded good participation. Participants learned the basics of writing great content.

This has been replaced by a paid course that covers Storytelling and Content Marketing. In simple terms, this is a class that teaches you how to craft great stories for marketing products and services online. In the age of social media, this is a valuable skill to have.

The social age is the age of storytelling. Great storytelling sells products and services. Don’t be caught begging for retweets and patronage of your products. Your small business will do much better if you understand and apply the principles of content marketing.

Why should you participate in my storytelling & content marketing class? I have been telling stories and doing content marketing for years, with a good record. Not to brag, but I have worked with brands like Nokia Nigeria, Cowrywise, Nescafe Africa, Xiaomi, OPPO, TECNO, Infinix, GTBank, among others.

I have facilitated content marketing classes for top ICT training institutions in the country, including Google-sponsored ones. It isn’t bragging if it is true: I am regarded as a god in content marketing. If you want to learn this, it doesn’t get better than listening to me.

Every month, my Storytelling & Content Marketing course runs from the first to the last week. The fee is ₦42,500 per participant.