Selling on social media – social commerce – has taken on a life of its own in the last several months. More and more people are converting their social media handles into online stores. And it makes sense to sell where people congregate.

However, many vendors are struggling due to a knowledge gap. I have been approached by a few vendors who fall into this category. I have distilled the required information – a lot of it is practical and easy to execute – into a concise eBook by the name, The Complete Guide to Selling Better on Social Media.

the complete guide to selling better on social media by Yomi Adegboye - book cover

This guide is written in easy-to-read style. There are no technical jargons included. This is for anyone who wants to sell more and make more money on social media. The idea is that anyone can pick this guide up, read it, understand the principles and the action points, and start implementing them right away for better sales online.

Prepare to have a complete overhaul of your mindset, and prepare to start selling much better than you ever have. When you run you apply sound marketing principles to your retail business, you stand a much better chance of getting expected/projected results.

Why should you pay for my eBook?

The information in it helps you to stop shooting blind in the dark with your social media marketing, trying everything possible and wondering why none of them is working as you expected.

I have been a digital entrepreneur for almost two ecades, consulted for businesses embracing digital marketing, and also facilitated scores of digital marketing classes over the years.

The social media marketing principles and action steps laid out in this eBook are time-tested and proven. They work. All you have to do is put them to use.

the complete guide to selling better on social media by Yomi Adegboye

Number of pages: 16

eBook Format: PDF or ePUB.

Price: ₦5,250

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