My Niche Website Recorded 15x Growth In Traffic: So What?

My Niche Website Recorded 15x Growth In Traffic: So What?

If you started a niche content website last year and it has recorded a 15x growth in traffic, year-on-year, you’re on the right track. Double down.

Content is my business. Digital content. That’s content that is published and consumed online. Last year, we looked at the potentials that one of our domain names offered and we could see that it held promise. Eventually, we decided to launch it as a niche content website.

So, we set up a web hosting account for it and began to create content for it from scratch. The first article on the site in question was published in June 2019. In the whole month of June 2019, the site recorded 660 page views. That isn’t anything to brag about. But a year later in June 2020, the site recorded almost 10,000 page views.

To be sure, 10,000 page views a month is not anything to brag about yet either. But the metric to watch is the growth path. 10,000 from 660 is about 15 times growth in traffic, year-on-year. And that is an important metric. If anyone can grow a content website that much in a year, especially without any paid advertising and publicity, but just on the strength of good content alone, they ought to double down on it. They are definitely doing something right.

And so, we shall double down on it. That is a content website that holds a lot of promise. I enjoy looking at its growth chart. It is good for my mental health. 😀

growth in traffic chart

MobilityArena is a much bigger, much more thriving content website than this one I am talking about, and it recorded a little over 2 times growth in traffic from June 2019 to June 2020. See? 15 times growth in the same period is good. Of course, it is also much easier to clock that kind of growth in the early days of a website. That has to be said.

Keep Your Eyes On Growth In Website Traffic

How do you know whether you are doing something right with a content website? Looking at the traffic statistics is a good way to tell. If your niche site is experiencing good growth in traffic over several months, you are doing something right. It shows promise.

We started two more content sites this year, and have had mixed results with them. The first one has been slow in taking off, but the second one has taken off like a rocket. I am not surprised, actually, about the results we have seen of these two new niche websites. Let me explain, so you can learn one or two things.

The first one was started more as a love/sentimental project for an industry that is more business-to-business and so not quite mainstream. It is going to take more effort and resources to get it to generate huge numbers. It is a highly restrictive niche. Actually, it is a boring industry. The average person on the Internet isn’t interested in the topics and subjects.

The second site covers an industry that is more mainstream and consumer-facing. So, the great early numbers are expected, and it is bound to grow in leaps and bounds. We have great content being churned out and people love it. As a matter of fact, I fully expect it to overtake the other website that has recorded 15 times growth in traffic from last year to this one.

I will be happy to see it even overtake MobilityArena some day. As much as MobilityArena is my baby, my darling first born digital child, if one of the newer sites flexes big muscles and delivers better results, we will gladly celebrate it as our flagship platform. Change is the only constant thing in life and business.

Give The Market What It Wants

If you are thinking of creating a niche content website and building huge numbers fast with the least minimum effort and resources, pick a niche that is mainstream i.e. that more people are interested in. You are not in business for yourself. Give the market the content it wants. If you get that right, and create good/great content, you will build good numbers quickly.

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