Multi-speaker seminar panels are not effective for teaching or skills acquisition

A problem with many of the seminars being conducted these days is that they are packed with multiple speakers per session and so end up being largely pep talks. If you want people to learn something they can actually use, bring one or two speakers to flog one specific subject thoroughly at a full-day event.

Bring in one or two competent speakers who can spend a full day helping participants grasp one or two subjects/skills that they can start using immediately. A full day seminar of this nature is more effective than one with multiple panels of 7 speakers each.

If possible, make it run for two or three days while keeping the focus on the same subject.

Let’s make our seminars more results-oriented. The more mish-mash they are, the less effective they are likely to be for teaching and imparting new knowledge or skills. Imparting new practical knowledge and skills requires more than what a panel of multiple speakers, where each person speaks for 10 minutes, can achieve.

Think about it: your best teachers in school were those who took the time to explain their subjects thoroughly. You learnt best when the teacher spent time breaking things down painstakingly. Nuggets and snacks are the least effective way to grasp new knowledge and skills.

Multi-speaker seminar panels have their place, but in a country where the dearth of detailed, practical knowledge is a problem, we need more of seminars and events that actually help people learn things in details so they can start putting them to practical use immediately.

I hope we can see more of these kinds of tech and business seminars, conferences and events in 2020.

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