Make the transition from blogger to blogging business

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Make the transition from blogger to blogging business

May 24, 2019 Free Content 0

The transition from being a blogger to running a blogging business is everything if you want to generate sustainable income.

If you have it in you, being a blogger is an awesome thing. Like me, you will enjoy cranking out post after post. Fascinating posts! And your readers will love your writing.

You can achieve a lot as a great blogger. I single-handedly blogged MobilityArena to stardom. For years, I churned out 3 to 12 posts daily on the blog. I loved it, so it was the most beautiful thing in the world creating those posts.

I would write and write, and readers and brands loved it. However, no matter how good one man is, he will hit a ceiling one day. And I hit mine.

Even worse, I was leaving money on the table.

Beyond that point, there was little growth that could happen. The blog was as great as ever but could not be greater than that.

Was that what I wanted, or did I want to explore more opportunities of growth and income? Of course, the latter.

And so, I had to transition from being just blogger to being a business person. I had to bring in others to blog and to handle other key business operations, while I blogged less and managed more.

If you want your blogging business to grow, make that transition at the earliest possible/practicable time.

You will achieve more with a team than you ever can alone. All the great businesses you know are structured organisations. And that is the point I am getting to. Build a team, a structured team.

Think of the brilliance of Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. All of that would have been bottled up had they insisted on being the one to do all the product design and conferences themselves with nothing else.

But the juggernauts we know as Apple and Microsoft today became big and make truckloads of money because both Bill and Steve did less of those tasks and managed more.

It is the same for every big business you know. The founders transitioned from just personal drive to building a team of driven people. A team. An organisation.

What is a blogging business?

It is one in which there is a team with members having clear cut responsibilities. It is a structured team that runs and produces results based on the contribution of each part. An effective blogging business is a well-oiled machine that runs your blog round the clock.

Let me spell out the critical points. Your team should include bloggers who you manage. They write and you can edit, since you have a clear vision of the content you want your blog to be about.

Set standards and requirements that each article must meet. Then enforce them by vetting what each member of your blogging team submits.

But it doesn’t end with blogging. You need someone to handle enquiries and seal deals. That person’s job description may also include business development. That is, chasing ¬†and creating new business opportunities. You need a rainmaker.

Take it from me: no matter how great your blog content, if you do not have a rainmaker on your team, you will leave a lot of money on the table. Your blog will miss income opportunities.

You will also see other tasks that require someone else to handle. Take your time. Do not staff too fast or you will find yourself in a situation where your income cannot sustain the overheads.

But you must remember that you cannot afford not to staff.

Staffing Issues

In the early days, especially if you are running on a budget, you can use freelancers fpr some of your staffing needs. You can then take on more full-time staff as your resources allow.

That is one practical way to build your team. Take note of those who produce really good content and as soon as you can, make them a full staff.

The thing is to remember that the greatest businesses are teams and that your blog will not thrive as a business if all you do is blog.

I know the feeling of being a badass content creator and being hailed on all sides. But your blog will reach higher when you become and effective manager of a functional, efficient team.

Till today, I still blog. But much of my work is supervision.

Learn the ropes of business

For this transition to happen and work, you have to learn about how business works. You need to learn the principles that work.

As a partner of mine keeps saying, there are principles on which all business works. Buy books. Read articles about strategy and problem solving. Attend courses, if you must. But you must learn what it takes to make sound business decisions.

There is nothing in the world I want to do more than just blog. I ooze writing and content creation from deep within. But years ago, I learned that I had to make the transition. And so, I went after knowledge. I am still continually learning too, as it is never-ending.

Let me end this class with this profound truth: the astute business person has a far greater chance of making any kind of business succeed than a professional in any field does.

That means a sound business person stands a greater chance of running an airline successfully than an experienced pilot or aeronautical engineer does. Far greater. That is because businesses run on principles and strategies that are generally universal.

You are already a blogger. Now, become a sound business person and your blog will grow more and make you more money.