For sustainable business growth to happen, you must give way

For sustainable business growth to happen, you must give way

Sustainable business growth here is used to refer to a state in which your business is free to largely run without the intervention of the founder and so grow apart from him.

It is interesting that one of the hallmarks of progress as a business grows is that the founder/top official gets less involved and less visible in many areas that they were previously neck deep in?

Delegation happens. Structures develop. Whether they are an engineer, content creator, lawyer, teacher, or farmer, they now must do less of engineering, content creation, lawyering, teaching, or farming respectively. They do less of the tasks their core (or professional) skills involve.

The leader takes on a more policy-making/administrative role, and the business takes on a life of its own apart from its founder/CEO.

If you are growing a business, many times your customers and clients will want to deal with you directly. In the beginning, that is understandable. But it isn’t practicable, not to mention healthy, to run things that way as the business grows, if your goal is to build a self-sustaining operation.

And so, eventually, you must resist their pull, tactfully and politely. That pull, as well-meaning as it is, will keep growth away from your business if not resisted.

You will have to step back from the front lines and so fade away from view for the most part.

Others have to take your old spots and shine. Preferably, they need to outshine you. You are better off having people who can do it better than you in those positions.

It does not mean that you work less; you are now just doing more of a different kind of work. You will still work long hours – much longer than many of your staff do. It is now less visible work though.

Sometimes, some of your staff will say that you are enjoying and not doing much. Don’t get offended. They just don’t see it.

But that is what it takes to grow a business into a smooth-running autonomous entity. You must decrease; your staff must increase.


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