Blogging Tips: 2 Things You Shouldn’t Invest Too Much In

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Blogging Tips: 2 Things You Shouldn’t Invest Too Much In

August 20, 2020 Free Content 0

Blogging for Beginners: If starting a blog or a content website, or even already running one, you may think some things are important and spend a lot of time and energy on them. Having been blogging since as far back as 2004, I can tell you for sure that it isn’t worth it. Don’t. What are these things? I spell them out in this article, and also highlight the things you should be investing your time and money in.

This is because one thing you don’t want to do is expend your scarce resources (time and money, especially) on things that do not produce significant results. You want to get your blog or content website up and running, and growing in traffic as fast as possible. Focusing on results-producing activities is essential. I am sure that you will agree with me.

So, let’s get to the meat right away. There is one thing that everyone thinks ranks high up in helping their blogs grow and succeed. The odd thing is that there are tons of articles out there spelling out that it doesn’t matter that much in the grand scheme of things. Yet most bloggers spend huge amounts of time with it.

Blogging for Beginners Tip: Do not fuss about what your blog looks like

wordpress theme

One of the best advice anyone can give you in 2020 about starting or growing a blog is this: don’t fret about what your blog looks like. Slap any template or theme you like on it and move on.

“Really, Mo?!” someone will ask, in shock. Yes; really. Very few people really care about what your website looks like. Very few care enough to make it a dealbreaker in deciding whether to stay or leave your website, and they are too few to determine whether or not your blog grows.

So, quit fussing over the design of your blog.

Someone will say that a badly designed theme can be problematc. True. I certainly agree. But the reality is that most themes out there now are really good. There are very few bad themes anymore. It is similar to what obtains with smartphones. In the early days of smartphones, you have to be reeally careful to not end up with a bad devicie. But as time has passed and proficiency has developed, the technology behind smartphones has been pretty much developed and the knowledge and skills are commonplace now.

It is really difficult to find a bad smartphone now. A manufacturer has to be really piss-poor to make a horrible phone in 2020, and the market will kill such a phone and its manufacturer almost instantly. There are scores of smartphone brands out there afterall.

That is the very crux of the matter of how your content website or blog looks. It is diifficult to run into a bad WordPress theme, for example. If it is bad, it will quickly get ignored and fade into obscurity. And if you run into one, don’t worry. It still isn’t a big deal enough to determine whether or not your website grows or not.

Install a theme you like, set it up and then leave it alone and go focus on the things that will produce results. The question now is, What are the things that you should focus on?

Blogging for Beginners Tip: Social Media Sin’t All That

social media for content publishers

You probably will not like this one. But social media is largely a waste of time and energy for you as a content publisher who owns your own platform. Spending hours building a social media following and sharing your content there will not get you the best results for your blog or content website. I have years of statistics from hundreds of blogs to prove it.

Which is why blogs with large social media followings but low traffc are all too common. Note that because they have large social media following, they tend to appear to be successful. But the traffic statistics disagree. The most successful blogs have a small percentage of their traffic from social media.

As an example, my most successful content website gets only 1.1% of its traffiic from social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkledIn, PInterest, etc, combined). My next most successful website gets 4.5% of its traffic from social media.

Also, note that almost all social media platforms are designed to lock in users, so they don’t leave. As such, social media and content websites are at loggerheads by default. You will get some visits, but know that no matter how many links to your website your share on a social media platform, you are fighting a losing battle. You want readers to come to your site; they want their users to not leave for your site.

If you find a blog or content website with a huge chunk of its traffc coming from social media, it is likely a blog with low traffic. It isn’t a blog or website that is recording hundreds of thousands of page views monthly. With a few exceptions (yes; there are always exceptions), social media will get you a few eyeballs, and that’s it.

I am not saying you shouldn’t invest in social media. But don’t make it a priority. Unless your blog or website is one of those few exceptions, social media isn’t going to be a huge factor in its success.

Blogging for Beginners Tip: Create Good Quality Content

blogging for beginners: create good quality content

You may be tired of hearing it, but I swear by the gods, it is not an exageration when digital content specalists say that content is king. It was king yesterday, it is king today, and when your great grand children are born, King Content will still be sitting on the throne.

Why do you buy or read newspaper? Content.

Why do you watch certain TV shows? Content.

Why are certain movies extremely successful, while some are meh? Content.

Why are you reading this page right now? You came for the content.

Why do you think anyone will ever want to click a link to your own blog, niche website or content website? Dear friend, it is for nothing else but the content.

Whether that content is a fictional article, a financial analytical piece, political punditry, religious hocus-pocus, or tips on how to build a business, it is all content.

I cannot say this enough to you: if you want to blog or publish a content website, your number one priority, your number two priority, and your last priority – morning, afternoon, and night – must be content.

Publish content that people are looking for. Make it good quality content. Invest in content. Invest time. Invest money. Invest your brains. You can never go wrong investing everything possible in creating good quality content for your website.

Creating good content will win your loyal readers who come back to your site by themselves every day. Trust me: you want loyal readers. Your own tribe. They miss your content If you do not publish. They talk about your website. They share your content with their networks. A loyal following is like King Arthur and the knights of the round table. The more loyal readers, fans, and followers your website has, the better for it, and for you.

If you cannot create good quality content yourself, hire a content creator. Paying a good content contributor for good quality articles is one of the things you cannot regret.

Blogging for Beginners Tip: The Conclusion Of The Whole Matter

content is king

Let me say it again: the one thing that can make or break your blog or content website is the content. That is why we call these things “content” websites; right? I recommend that you invest 80% of your time and resources on content. Spread the remaining 20% across site design, social media, and anything else you wish.

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