Your Blog Is Struggling Because The Content Is Spread Too Thin

Your Blog Is Struggling Because The Content Is Spread Too Thin

A niche website is a type of content website that publishes content around a specific topic.

If you are the only person creating content for your blog, it is generally a bad idea to spend your time trying to write about every topic under the sun. Doing that means your blog has very little chance of standing out in any way and becoming known for something. The content is spread too thin to generate traction.

When I started tech blogging about 20 years ago, my interest was mobile phones, and I faced it squarely. I wrote about mobile phones and the services and tools that I used on my devices. It was a very specific focus. And because this was the time that GSM technology was being introduced in the country, it was a masterstroke. It wasn’t long before Mobility Blog, as it was widely called then, became the go-to website for all things mobile in the country. And then, my readers began to call me Mister Mobility.

A blog that talks about electric cars and matters surrounding them is much likely to take off better than one that talks about electric cars, politics, education, fashion, and other topics. It will attract a clear profile of readers: people who are interested in electric cars. Search engines will also recognize the website for its focus area and categorize it easier than if it had a potpourri of content. A content website with a focused subject like this is called a niche website.

It is much easier to gain traction, build momentum, attract traffic, and become a brand when you have a laser focus with your content. Imagine if I had started to write about every topic under the sun at the time. It isn’t impossible to pull off, but it requires more effort and resources than an individual can muster. Perhaps if you are able to raise investor funds and hire a fair-sized team of writers, you could start a more generic content website and make things happen.

If you do not have such resources, however, even if your ultimate goal is a generic website, offering say news, find a small area of focus of news to start with and use that to build momentum. As your blog grows and goes on and as you take on writers, you can begin to diversify your content gradually by adding other areas of focus, if you have your eyes on a wider field.

If you are running on a lean budget, especially, start simple. If your content is spread too thin, your blog will struggle to gain traction. Start with a narrower field of topics or subjects. Your blog will take off faster that way. You can always spread out from there, should you want to. Whatever your grand ambitions are, you are more likely to achieve them faster if you kick things off with a more focused content strategy. Start with a niche.


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