The Blogging Academy: Become A Better Blogger In 4 Weeks

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The Blogging Academy: Become A Better Blogger In 4 Weeks

December 7, 2020 Free Content 0

Become a Better Blogger in 4 weeks. Effective blogging is beyond being able to write captivating content. Learn what it takes to get better results, earn better and get better jobs at The Blogging Academy.

One of the challenges of most industries in Nigeria is the dearth of capable hands. In other words, human resources. It is a huge challenge. The blogging industry, of which I am a pioneer in the country, is no different.

If there is any challenge that is the greatest I have faced in the last 16 years, it is that of getting capable bloggers to hire. I have spoken with quite a number of other blog publishers, and they share a similar sentiment.

Almost every time they have had to hire bloggers, they have had to train them and show them the ropes. This is a huge challenge in the industry, and I have set out to solve the problem and provide the training required to help people become better bloggers.

Become a better blogger with Yomi Adegboye

Blogging Is Not The Same As Writing For A Newspaper or Magazine

Most people who apply for blogging jobs really have little idea of what it means to blog. Blogging is not the same as just writing. This is the reason why there are good writers whose blogs never gain traction or grow significant traffic. Blogging is not the same as writing an article for a newspaper or a magazine.

As a blogger, you do need to be a good writer (if your target includes people who value good writing), but you also need to understand the dynamics of writing for Web audiences and for search engines. Without an understanding of these, you will struggle to produce results as a blogger.

And if you do not produce good results, your value in the market is low. I hate to put it like that, but think about it: why should any digital publisher or blog administrator hire you if your articles do not produce the required results? In blogging business, traffic is key. Blog articles that generate low (and poor) traffic are useless to the bottomline. Why should you get paid for them?

One reason why you need to become a better blogger is to increase your value in the industry. All engineers are not equal. All doctors are not equal. All software developers are not equal. Some are better skilled than others. All bloggers are not equal too.

Every industry thrives when there is a critical mass of competent hands. You owe it to yourself to become a better blogger and get better results, get better jobs, and get paid better. The better the results you are able to deliver, the more valuable you are in the industry.

Even if you run your own blog and so are not looking for employment, when you become a better blogger, you will come to terms with what is needed to grow your blog better and earn better. These are the reasons why I have started The Blogging Academy.

Become A Better Blogger at The Blogging Academy

Make the move: Become A Better Blogger and increase your value

The Blogging Academy: Become A Better Blogger

The Blogging Academy helps you become a better blogger by teaching you the extras that separate blogging from plain writing: in summary, how to write for humans and for search engines, how to write articles that generate better revenue, and the tools of on-page SEO and analysis, as well as optimising blog monetisation.

Fee: ₦15,500.00

Duration: 4 Weeks

Platform: Google Classroom (available as a mobile app and on the Web).

Classes hold on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for the duration of the 4 weeks. You can participate in classes at your own convenience. There are assignments with submission deadlines though.

Certification: A certificate is issued to each student at the end of the course after the performance of individuals have been evaluated. Each certificate bears a grade. Available grades: A, B, C, D, E, F.

I am an evangelist of merit. Those who have developed excellent skills should get the best shot at the best opportunities, which is why a graded system is appropriate.

I have fixed a heavilly discounted fee, so that more people can benefit from the training and classes. That way, the industry can build a larger pool of competent hands to hire from. I manage a handful of blogs and I am certainly looking forward to hiring from among the best to fill much-needed slots in those blogs. So, it is in my interest too that as many people as possible be able to take advantage of this training.

The first stream of The Blogging Academy starts in the first week of January 2021 and will run till the end of the month. Streams will run every other month, making a total of 6 streams per year, as follows:

  1. January
  2. March
  3. May
  4. July
  5. September
  6. November


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Student Registration

Make your payment of ₦15,500 for your tuition to Providus Bank account number 9907520521, and then complete the form below.