The Blogging Academy: Become A Better Blogger; Grow Your Blog

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The Blogging Academy: Become A Better Blogger; Grow Your Blog

December 7, 2020 Free Content 0

Become a better blogger and/or grow your blog. Learn what it takes to grow a thriving business blog, or become a more effective blogger, so you can earn better and get better jobs.

Become a better blogger with Yomi Adegboye

The Blogging Academy classes run monthly. The course materials include PowerPoint slides and videos and will be mailed to you in the first week of the month. Available modules are listed below.   

  • Content Creation Module: For those who want to improve their writing skills to create more engaging content. Fee: 15,500. Sign up.
  • On-page SEO Module: Great for bloggers/writers/content creators. Learn the basics of writing content that is search engine friendly. Fee: 19,500. Sign up
  • Blog Setup Module: Great for blog owners: learn how to set up your blog. Covers: hosting requirements, themes, plugins, security, mobile issues, AMP, backups, etc. Fee: 22,500. Sign up
  • Blog Analytics Module: Great for blog owners and administrators. Learn to use data and statistics to create great content and grow your blog, and increase revenue. Fee: 25,500. Sign up
  • Blog SEO Module. Great for blog owners, administrators, and editors. Learn how to configure and run your blog for best search engine results, plus tools to use. Fee: 30,500. Sign up.