Be an original content creator; or hire one!

Be an original content creator; or hire one!

Blogs used to be fun. Back in the day, long before blogging became boring, you could read multiple blogs in a field and you would enjoy rich, original content on each of them. These days, many blogs have no originality: read one and you have read exactly what you will find on other blogs in the same field. That is so sad, and this is the reason why you must choose to be an original content creator. Where you cannot be one, hire one.

You know who a content creator is – that person who creates the content that you read, listen to, or view. Who then is an original content creator? That would be someone who is not just lifting and pasting information that they find elsewhere on the Web for publishing on their blog.

An original content creator writes or publishes original content, their own content. Such people are valuable because they almost always offer information that is not available elsewhere or that is difficult to find elsewhere.

There are many things I have been consistent about in my over 15 years of blogging, and that is my dedication to publishing original content. It is one of the things that stand out MobilityArena from the crowd.

Why should people visit your blog if the information available there is the same information that they have seen on Twitter, on Youtube, and on other blogs similar to yours? How will you grow a dedicated following if you are blended in and part of the crowd? Why should brands and advertisers look your way if you are just another food blog, or just another tech blog?

Contemplating these questions will help you immediately see the benefit of being an original content creator.

You must have a unique voice that makes it distinct above the chatter of the crowded blogging space. Your blog must have a defining character. No; this is not about design. Your blog’s logo and design are the least of your problems when it comes to growing a blog. A blog’s character stems from the content. Is it original or is it just a rehash of a bigger blog that you hope to beat some day?

Don’t be boring. Don’t be just another blogger or blog. Give people a real reason to want to read you. Give them real value, and the best way to do it is to be original. Put in the work. Do what it takes. If you cannot, hire someone who can.

There are a million and one blogs out there: if you want people’s attention, give them value that they cannot find elsewhere. Put back the fun and excitement in blogging. Be an original content creator.


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