AuxoAds / Cyber Media Review: This Ad Network Is Not recommended For Monetizing Your Website

AuxoAds / Cyber Media Review: This Ad Network Is Not recommended For Monetizing Your Website

Auxo Ads / CyberMedia Review: Stay Away From This Ad Network

In May 2022, a representative of AuxoAds, which is a part of Cyber Media Research and Services Ltd, with offices in Singapore and India, sent us a mail, introducing their service. It was the first time we were hearing of AuxoAds or Cyber Media. They are a Google Ad Partner, offering a means to monetize content websites with banner ads.

Everything looked legit. We checked and Cyber Media had some international visibility. Great. We decided to try out their service. We are continually trying out new revenue channels for our catalogue of content websites, anyway. So, we signed up. The AuxoAds representatives responded to emails and WhatsApp messages in a timely manner. It was impressive.

And so it was that we ran the first and second months of ads on two of our websites. And then, it was time for us to be paid. Suddenly, the AuxoAds representatives stopped responding to our WhatsApp messages. We sent a mail, and got no response either. We have sent multiple mails to all the email contacts we have there (five, at the last count).

One Assistant Manager there finally reached out to us after about a month of silence from them and we had mailed again to say we were convinced they were running a scam operation. He offered to get our invoices paid and resolve any issues. We replied him with details. That was the last we heard from him, though we have followed up with other mails. Till now, not a word. The lack of communication grates.

We have a few hundreds of dollars worth of invoices unpaid by AuxoAds / Cyber Media. Not a single payment has been made to us. Of course, we removed their tags and codes from our website once we observed the silence from their end.

I am not in the habit of calling out brands and businesses this way, but I recommend that you avoid AuxoAds / Cyber Media for monetizing your content website. If our experience is anything to go by, the lack of communication is not an experience you should get from a service provider.

Should AuxoAds / Cyber Media eventually reach out and pay our invoices, I will update this article. We will be happy to get our payment, if it ever happens, but it won’t change my verdict about them: certainly not recommended for monetizing your website.

November 2022 Update: Auxo Ads paid up in November. There has still been no response to any of our mails, but maybe that is for the best, as we have no intention to do business with them going forward.


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