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I am in my mid-40s now, and I still feel 26 in my head

“How does it feel to be the oldest?” That question was put to the oldest person in the UK. I wonder how I would respond should I be in her shoes. Maybe with something like, “I don’t feel any different. You’re the one telling me about it.” 😂 I got asked a similar question some years…
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May 24, 2019 0

You can become rich as an employee; Here’s how

This article is a guest post sent in by an older citizen. This is not me. I am not rich yet. – Yomi Full-time employees can become rich without ever taking on entrepreneurship or giving up their dreams. I can say this because I am one of those who have. I will show you how…
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June 5, 2017 0

When the woman earns more

Today, it is now perfectly possible and often the reality that the woman earns more than the man simply based on each individual’s choice of vocation. The role of the man as sole breadwinner in a family is becoming outdated. Not exactly everywhere. There is a huge proportion of the world that still has to…
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October 23, 2016 0

Entrepreneurship is hard – Ex-Konga Software Engineer

This article is a curation of a Twitter thread done by Celestime Omin. – Yomi I left Konga last week. People asked if I was leaving to start my company, I said, “No.” The next question was, “Why?” My answer: “I don’t have the emotional capital”. I have tons of requests to come be a…
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August 26, 2016 0

Orgasms Are Of The Devil

I woke up this morning to find a series of tweets by Reverend Sista Gbemisoke of the Church of Married Twitter. I always knew that the woman had issues, but she has clearly lost her marbles now. Apparently, while I was away busy, she had done a series of tweets on the subject of orgasms.…
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December 28, 2015 0

Back to basics: We cannot all be entrepreneurs

I remember how years ago when the craze of motivational speaking took over our landscape, people were blatantly lied to that everyone could be an entrepreneur. I shook my head, cautioned as many as would listen to me, and warned that this was a very bad lie. Expectedly, there were those who responded to me…
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December 24, 2014 1

What They Don’t Want You To Hear About Masturbation

I do not expect that this article will change anyone’s mind about anything. I do feel that someone ought to speak out about this thorny subject and present clear facts and info about it for the benefit of those who have been harassed and made to feel less than human because they masturbate. What Is…
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April 11, 2013 0