After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and a Master’s degree in Architecture & Design from the University Of Lagos in 1998, I pivoted into the digital technology space and devoted myself to learning HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and WML (Wireless Markup Language) – the basic tools for developing websites and WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) sites, respectively, back in the early 2000s. WAP was the precursor of the modern mobile Web.

Because my primary interests were mobile devices and mobile-friendly websites, and at the time, WAP browsers were the standard on mobile phones, I created my first blog, a WAP site, in late 2001. I hand-coded each page in WML and manually linked them.

With the advent of more modern mobile browsers and Content Management Systems (CMS), I began blogging on more user-friendly platforms from 2004. Some of my earliest blog posts were on Niyi Ajao’s Mobile Africa (now TECH dot AFRICA).

In 2008, I started the blog that became, and it quickly grew to become the largest and most influential gadget review website not just in Nigeria, but on the African continent. My work at MobilityArena earned me the nickname, Mister Mobility, from fans of the blog. These days, I prefer to be called Moverick. It sounds more bad-ass.

Incidentally, I was the first tech reviewer in Nigeria to be partnered with by a mobile brand, when Nokia reached out to me in November 2010 with their latest flagship device. BlackBerry was to follow suit soon after.

The list of tech brands that have since partnered with me include: Nokia, BlackBerry, Pliris Mobile, Samsung, Orbra, TECNO, Infinix, itel, OPPO, Ntel, MTN, 9mobile (formerly Etisalat), Smile, Leagoo, and Edifier, among others.

I love gadgets and I have reviewed hundreds of mobile gadgets, and personally owned over 200 of them till date. The result of all that work is that every now and then, someone thinks I am worthy of one award/honour or the other.

In 2011, I was listed as one of the most influential persons in technology in Nigeria by TechLoy. I was a four-time YTech100 award winner (2014, 2015, 2016, and 2019): honoured by YNaija/Ndani TV as one of the 100 most innovative People in Nigeria’s Digital Tech/Media Eco-system each of those years.

I have been referred to, by a few people in the digital industry, as a content marketing god, a title that I kind of like. Okay, so I lied; I like it a lot. Anyway, did I also mention that in 2014, I became the first tech blogger and gadget reviewer in Nigeria to become a brand influencer, when he was selected by Nescafé Africa as a #GetStartedAfrica influencer? Yes; that happened, too.

I featured at Mobile West Africa conference for five (5) consecutive years, as well as served as a judge at the West African Mobile Awards (WAMAS) 2016. I also ran a radio show, Your Smartphone And You, and have been featured and interviewed extensively in various print, web and broadcast (TV and radio) media in Nigeria and beyond. I really have been around.

In addition, I have spoken at hundreds of conferences and seminars, facilitated scores of training courses and sessions, as well as featured at high profile mobile technology and entrepreneurship events, including MobiFESTWest Africa Telecom Summit, and Enactus Nigeria Innovation Summit

People who know the history call me “the grandfather of blogging in Nigeria”. They say I have been around for that long (and they aren’t lying). Largely due to my pioneering work, the Nigerian tech blogging scene took off, as more tech blogs sprang up, following in my steps. Some other leading tech blogs in Nigeria today were founded by individuals who once wrote/worked with me at 

I am still actively blogging on MobilityArena and Mobility Nigeria Tech Blog, though I like the idea that I am retired and letting others do most of the heavy lifting. Both websites are fully bootstrapped projects. I think I spend more time teaching content writing and coaching new hands. In addition, I am continually investing in future digital content platforms, as well as donating my time and resources in support of young entrepreneurs and professionals.  

I served on the Business Advisory Board (including as chairman) of Enactus (formerly SIFE – Students In Free Enterprise), University of Lagos chapter. I am also actively involved with ACT Foundation.