10 Random Facts About Mister Mobility

Life is more than work. I firmly believe that. While I am extremely proud of my work, I am not my job or work. My work is only a section of my life. Here are a few random facts about me that you probably do not know.

One: I love to tinker. As a child, I’d take apart toys, electronics and anything possible, so I could see how they worked and then build something out of the knowledge. I built toy cars, boats, planes and rockets – most of which did not work as planned. I built a personal FM transmitter and had my own extremely limited range personal broadcast station for a while.

Random Facts about yomi adegboye aka mister mobility

Two: I dislike telephone calls. They interrupt. They distract. And they wear me out. Chances are that after the first 55 seconds on a phone call with you, I will begin to yawn. I’d rather not pick that call if I can help it. Send me a message instead.

Three: I once ran a webhost in the early 2000s and it did quite well. That is being modest actually. It was gangsta – and it grew to become one of the top 3 in the country.

Four: I once ran my entire business operations on a smartphone. This was before smartphones became mainstream. I hand-coded webpages, setup webhosting accounts, registered domain names, created invoices, and provided customer support – all from my Motorola Accompli and later Nokia E90 Communicator.

Five: I have zero interest in football. I don’t watch footie games, except as an innocent bystander while dad or my son are doing their thing. Back in secondary school, I played the game, and was generally bad at it. I was good for ballooning the ball whenever it came my way, so my classmates found me useful as a defender, but only whenever they couldn’t find anyone else to fill the role. I was generally expendable.

Six: I love driving. Not Lagos traffic driving. Highway driving. My preferred mode of travel is the road, and I’d rather be at the wheels than have someone else drive me. Where have I driven to? To mention a few: Ibadan, Abeokuta, Ilesa, Akure, Ado-Ekiti, Abuja, Kaduna, and Zaria. There are many towns between Lagos and those cities that I have visited. My best stretch of road includes the hilly twists and turns between Ikogosi and Ipole-Iloro in Ekiti State. Dreamy.

Seven: I am convinced that most physical meetings are a waste of time and the issues to be discussed can be done on WhatsApp or at worst, via a telephone call. Consider the madness of Lagos roads, and I don’t understand why anyone would want me to drive to their office for a meeting if they do not have a crush on me.

Eight: I love to dance. It must be something I got from mom’s genes. Mom was a legendary dancer and I came along and beat her to it. She was one of my best dance partners too. Before her passing, we were quite a pair whenever we got on the dance floor together at weddings. Weddings were pretty much the only occasions we got to dance together. I would drag her for an evening out at a club, if I could. But it would never happen. Mom was true blue old school.

Nine: I suck at corporate things. I chose entrepreneurship because I value my autonomy above everything else. For me, it wasn’t primarilly about making loads of money or about changing the world. I wanted flexibility and control of my time. I forgot that once and made a move to adopt a corporate structure for my business. It demanded reports, meetings, rigid schedules, and the like. The result was bad. It was an eye-opening experience that helped me decide forever that I do not want to be a CEO.

Ten: I dislike suits and ties. The Nigerian weather is hot all year round. Why the heck would I want to wear a suit and tie in this heat? Give me a tee and a pair of chinos or jeans, along with a pair of boots, and I am good to go. I dress for my comfort and my healthy sense of swag, for the most part. I do own a few suits and wear them on the odd occasion when it cannot be avoided.

That’s it. Just a few random facts about me.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, because not every time, serious stuff. None of us is getting out of this world alive.